The Industrial Infrastructure Division of SIDCO manages 17 major Industrial Estates and 36 Mini Industrial Estates, providing shared infrastructure for numerous Small-scale Industries (SSIs). The Government has designated SIDCO as the Nodal Agency for the construction of Industrial Parks, aiming to establish at least one park in each assembly constituency to generate employment.

As of now, SIDCO has completed the construction of 7 Industrial Parks, which house 218 Industrial Units and have provided direct employment to nearly 1000 individuals. This initiative is a significant contribution to the industrial development and job creation in Kerala. It’s a great Image example of how government agencies can play a pivotal role in fostering economic growth  and employment generation

Industrial Estates of Kerala Sidco (IE) in serve as vital hubs for economic growth and industrial development in the state. These estates offer a range of advantages to businesses, including ready-to-use infrastructure with essential amenities such as roads, power supply, water facilities, and waste management systems. This infrastructure is designed to reduce setup time and costs, making it easier for businesses to establish or expand their operations.

Furthermore, IEs promote a cluster effect by bringing together multiple industries in a designated area. This clustering encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a supportive ecosystem, which can lead to innovation and improved productivity. The proximity of related industries also creates opportunities for synergies and partnerships, further enhancing the competitiveness of businesses in these estates.

Industrial Estates offer economies of scale by enabling businesses to share facilities and services. This sharing mechanism leads to cost savings that would not be achievable if businesses were operating independently. This aspect is particularly advantageous for smaller enterprises that may not have the resources to invest in their own infrastructure. Furthermore, these estates often receive government support in the form of subsidies, tax incentives, and streamlined regulatory processes, further reducing the financial burden on businesses and making it easier for them to establish and expand their operations.

At present, SIDCO oversees the management of 17 major Industrial Estates and 36 Mini Industrial Estates, encompassing a total land area of 270.30271 acres and hosting 923 industrial sheds. Allotments of land and sheds are made on either a rental or Outright Sale (ORS) basis. Should land or sheds remain idle or if the unit holder defaults on dues, such properties are reclaimed and reassigned to other industrial entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who have fully paid for sheds/land purchased on ORS receive a sale deed. SIDCO has also initiated various developmental projects within these estates, including the installation of street lighting, construction of internal roads, and provision of water supply to the units.

Furthermore, SIDCO is committed to establishing Industrial Parks in each assembly constituency to further enhance industrial growth and boost employment opportunities throughout Kerala. Through these endeavours, SIDCO continues to play a crucial role in driving economic development and prosperity in the state by improving industrial infrastructure and providing support to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

The network of industrial Estates, Mini Industrial Estates and Industrial Parks owned by SIDCO and the number of units within each estate/park is listed in brackets.

Industrial Estates (IE)

  • IE Pappanamcode (90)
  • IE Umayanalloor (111)
  • IE Karunagapally (33)
  • IE Kollakkadavu (51)
  • IE Kallettumkara (21)
  • IE Cherthala( 26)
  • IE Changanassery (70)
  • IE Ettumanoor (65)
  • IE Karakkad (48)
  • IE Mudikkal( 14)
  • IE Palluruthi (8)
  • IE Ollur (140)
  • IE Manjeri (28)
  • IE West Hill (55)
  • IE Palayad (46)
  • IE Olavakkode (53)
  • IE Kasaragode (68)

Industrial Parks (IP)

  • IP Chelakkara (27)
  • IP Angamaly( 55)
  • IP Athani (40)
  • IP Kunnamthanam( 11)
  • IP Moodadi (17)
  • IP Shoranur( 23)

Mini Industrial Estates (MIE)

  • MIE Vellanad 16
  • MIE South Vazhakulam( 14)
  • MIE Anad( 9)
  • MIE Rayamangalam( 9)
  • MIE Ulloor (15)
  • MIE Edathala( 8)
  • MIE Varkala (10)
  • MIE Arimpur( 15)
  • MIE Chithara( 7)
  • MIE Mala( 12)
  • MIE Thrikkovilvattom( 7)
  • MIE Kattoor( 14)
  • MIE Chadayamangalam( 7)
  • MIE Pattambi( 9)
  • MIE Kadakkarappally( 10)
  • MIE Ottapalam (13)
  • MIE Mararikulam (13)
  • MIE Vaniyamkulam( 20)
  • MIE Pandalam (8)
  • MIE Edavanna( 6)
  • MIE Nattakam( 9)
  • MIE Kokkoor (11)
  • MIE Ayarkunnam (10)
  • MIE Oorakam( 9)
  • MIE Pampady( 5)
  • MIE Sulthan Bathery (10)
  • MIE Adimaly( 5)
  • MIE Kadalundy (12)
  • MIE Olamattam (6)
  • MIE Perambra( 14)
  • MIE Kodikulam( 6 )
  • MIE Thaliparamba( 7)
  • MIE Kothamangalam( 5)
  • MIE Valapattanam(8)
  • MIE Piravam (7 )
  • MIE Kanhangad (12)